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The Aramaic English New Testament is being distributed by:

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Feb 15, 2010:  Our Canadian team has just completed our new site at www.aramaic.ca please let your Canadian friends know and join our eNewsletter for updates.


January 25, 2010:  The first series of teaching videos by Andrew Gabriel Roth has just been posted.  We have also posted our first webinar; Parasha B'resheet, and look forward to having you join us, please join our eNewsletter so we can send you an invitation.


January 21, 2010:  Our first Webinar was launched this evening entitled "The Matara Chronicles", Andrew Gabriel Roth did a presentation on parasha B'resheet (the first Torah portion).  Minutes before we went live the system went down and many could not attend, even our organizer could not log on but thankfully we were able to record the session.  We are investigating webinars, blog talk radio or possibly a blog to help facilitate better communication and contact within the Body of Mashiyach.


December 28, 2009:  Andrew Gabriel Roth provided a series of lectures about the AENT in Jerusalem during Succoth 2009.  These lectures were video-taped and are now being produced into online videos.  We will be making a news announcement about the availability of these in the next few weeks.


August 28, 2009:  Due to increased sales volumes in mid August we sold out of AENT Bibles.  The AENT Second Edition will be shipping on or before Sept 21st, 2009.  What are the differences?  Corrections of errata were made, a few additional footnotes and additional acknowledgments to those who contributed to the Second Edition.  We are also moving our order fulfillment to a new location.  Once we are ready to go with the Second Edition, orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order (99.9%) with confirmation email notification.


October 17, 2008:  AENT is now shipping, we are fervently working our way through a massive backlog of orders but expect to be fully caught up by the close of business on Monday Oct 20th.  Thank you kindly for your patience.  Please note that some US customers may receive slight discounts on their credit card due to processing as we are launching through a CDN$ merchant account which provides favorable US currency exchange rates.


October 8, 2008:  The affiliate program is now up and running.  After approaching various national and international distributors (who want exclusive distribution rights) and retailers (who demand large profit margins) we chose to share distribution with anyone and everyone of good Faith who is interested in working with us.  A publishing consulting firm assisted us in establishing international unified pricing levels for broker, wholesale, and retail customers, therefore ministries or individuals can also make income as distributors and/or affiliates.  The affiliate (drop ship) program provides order processing, pick, pack and shipping and pays out affiliates for each sale generated.  First level affiliates are paid $5 per sale, second level affiliates are paid $2.50 per sale, however this does not disqualify an affiliate from also being a wholesale/retail distributor.


International orders that are placed online are forwarded to local distributors rather than have customers pay international shipping costs for individual orders.  Each affiliate also makes commissions on international orders, regardless of which country they reside.  We do not have distributors in all countries therefore orders are processed accordingly.  Click here for information on the affiliate program.


September 29, 2008:  We are excited to announce that Messianic congregations and home based distributors are preparing to supply the AENT in their local areas, we are delighted to work with anyone who may also be interested, to become a distributor please click here.

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“They will make war upon the Lamb; and the Lamb will vanquish them; because he is Master of Masters and King of Kings, and these with him (are) called and chosen and faithful.” And he said to me: “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits are peoples

and multitudes and nations and tongues.”

Revelation 17:14-15


The Chaplain to the United States Senate called "it" the


"NT Time Bomb"


Now you can read it for yourself!


The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT)


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