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The Aramaic English New Testament is being distributed by:

Netzari Press LLC

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About Us

We are a group of private individuals who are not sponsored by any religious or government organizations.  Our goal is to provide an honest and reliable translation of the most reliable and ancient Aramaic New Testament texts.  Contributors to the Aramaic English New Testament come from Jewish and Christian backgrounds and have provided research, scrutinized the English translation and suggested footnotes and appendixes to assist readers in gaining a more accurate understanding of the New Testament.


Andrew Gabriel Roth, producer of the AENT, is a mature Netzari Jewish scholar who is one of the world's foremost Aramaic Primacists.  Roth has never been on the payroll of any religious institution, nor has he demonstrated a propensity to bolster either religious tradition or institutions.  As an independent Netzari scholar he works closely with Paul Younan, Raphael Lataster, and many others to scrutinize every verse –  indeed every word  –  within its original context and meaning.  Roth has invested over a decade into the production of this AENT which clearly reveals the Netzari Faith to an English speaking audience.


The Aramaic English New Testament reveals the New Covenant (Brit Chadasha) within the culture and language Y'shua (Jesus) and Paul lived and taught.  Each member of our team aspires to return to and live according to the Kingdom of Elohim (God) as originally revealed, this is the impetus behind publishing the Aramaic English New Testament.


We understand that Mashiyach (Messiah) is not exclusive to any race or religion, therefore we firmly believe that it is vital for the New Testament to be translated into all other languages, yet, the original Aramaic texts are a well kept secret until now.  Most only know of Greek translations derived from Aramaic and Hebrew originals.


The acknowledgements (page viii of the AENT) recognizes many individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the Aramaic English New Testament, this list continues to grow as scholars and Bibles students make new discoveries while searching deeper into the Aramaic texts.


We trust you will greatly enjoy the adventure of learning from the original Aramaic based teachings of Y'shua and the Apostles.  We pray that as you read and study the Aramaic English New Testament that you will be inspired and grow your relationship with Yahweh (The Father) and His Mashiyach in an ever more intimate and purposeful way.

“They will make war upon the Lamb; and the Lamb will vanquish them; because he is Master of Masters and King of Kings, and these with him (are) called and chosen and faithful.” And he said to me: “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits are peoples

and multitudes and nations and tongues.”

Revelation 17:14-15


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